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Tsuki Haruno by EditBuster Tsuki Haruno by EditBuster
Tsuki Haruno.

A carbon copy of Sakura with tacky hair!

I first saw her edit of *pokefreak's when I saw the Kushina that she edited, which is number six, by the way. I went through all 211 of her edits on her Photobucket account. I might have missed one, I'm pretty sure I didn't though.

Tsuki Haruno belongs to her creator.
Original sketches belong to *pokefreak
chiemaclin Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2012
you know what are edits of RPCs?
hair and tacky? kkkkk
My rpc is the daughter of Lee and Sakura, do not go saying things that you do not know.
And I never said that my RPCs were not made ​​from others. And if pokefreak not come tell me anything, what people like you are intruding?
You went to see my photobucket issues to do it? HAHAHA ... It has something to do it?
YoruNoTora Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2012
The thing is, you've used work other people PAID to have drawn for themselves. The third example in the picture above... the original sketch happens to be of one of my commissions (and of my OC, even), and you blatantly copied the pose, facial expression and even most of the outlines of my OC's boots. I specifically asked and paid *pokefreak to draw her for me. Besides, *pokefreak has now officially banned the re-usage of the sketches, except that only the commissioners themselves are allowed to use them. If you don't believe me, go read one of his most recent journals: [link]
and also his description on this set: [link]

And this: [link]
The original sketch was also my commission of one of my original characters... I certainly did NOT commission the sketch for it to be used like that, or none of my other commissions, for that matter. I commissioned it for myself. And I'm being more civil about this than some other people would be.

The sketches were never intended as free stock. They're meant to be individual and original artworks, and not cheap and impersonal bases to trace on.

In addition, I don't feel like further allowing *pokefreak to post any of my upcoming sketches, seeing as even watermarks are not enough to stop people like you from selfishly and greedily using them for your own purposes, with complete disregard to the fact that someone worked hard to get a commission from *pokefreak, and to the sentimental value the sketch has to its respective commissioner, not to mention the personal, individual and originality value the sketches have before they get shamelessly butchered.

That having been said, you should remove all of the edits of the sketch commissions from your Photobucket account. Obviously that includes the edits of my sketches too.
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September 18, 2011
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